Job title: Production Technician
Job type: Contract
Emp type: Full-time
Job published: 06 Oct 2020
Job ID: 33495

Job Description

Duties & Accountabilities
- Be a key stakeholder of safety at office and at sites
- Make safety a key part of daily activities
- Comply 100% to life savings rules
- Ensure that safety precautions and system implemented are well maintained and that all personnel on site abide by these precautions and system. Prevent any safety at-risk situation, potential violations and incidents whenever feasible.
- Assist in creating, modifying and revising operational instructions, risk assessment and process flow documentation.
- Observes safety and security procedures; report potentially unsafe condition and near misses.
- Participates in Risk Assessment sessions for routine and non routine activities
- Participates in table top/drills to experience/familiarise and to give feedbacks for improvement
- Monitoring of site contractors activities to ensure their compliance to RA controls.
- Perform Lock out Tag out (LOTO) for the maintenance of equipment.
Operations Excellence
- Diligently comply to established procedures, SOP and checklist including the tasks listed in Equipment Basic Care (EBC), while maintaining ability to question them, yet abiding them till a formal revised document is released.
- Responsible to carry out eRound with routine checks with the digital device provided according to the established time and location, and taking care of the device.
- View all industrial activities with a risk based thinking to eliminate human related incident. Ensure that all actions that are not covered by established SOP are thoroughly thought through before acting.
- Troubleshooting mechanical/process problems and performing rectification to reduce downtime
- Perform receiving of bulk gases and verifying of the compliance of certificate of analysis/ certificate of compliance according to required specifications.
- Perform bulk gases systems change and switchover
- Perform calibration of analyzers and ensure correct quality is measured and recorded.
- Perform rotating equipment switching routinely to balance the running hours
- Review any anomalies during logging, analyse and reactify. Escalate when necessary
Continuous Improvement
- Active participation in 6S program and take charge of housekeeping of assigned area
- Proactive in developing Continuous Improvement program such as GYM or QCC to improve efficiency, reliability & quality of operations
- Take initative to upgrade individual skills by seeking supervisor's advice on relevant training courses for progressive upgrading
Knowledge sharing
- Provide technical guidance to newer technical staff on site
- Support supervisor in the On the Job Training of new staff
- Provide support for other sites' activities as and when required
- Site assigned OJT trainer (to be assigned by FM, can be during year end appraisal)
- Execute proper handover of shift duties and document the tasks completed or abnormalities detected through E-Logbook
- Execute appropriate escalation to internal and external parties as per site SOP